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I have Indian Summer Bracelet kits  for sale. Bead Work has given me permission to sell my blue bracelet kit (since they have sold out -they had 3 kits that I made). These kits are for the Indian Summer bracelet pattern in the Aug/Sept Bead Work.  I'll send a PDF of MY pattern for the bracelet (which is easier to follow than the pattern in the magazine.  My pattern is call Moroccan Splendor (Beadwork's pattern is copywrited). Same words, but I have step by step pictures unlike their diagrams.  Here's the bracelet I have kits for ($30 for kits including my PDF which I'll send by email +$3 shipping in the US)-


I was thrilled to have been selected to be in the August/Sept Bead Work several months ago and was shocked to see that I was the cover project.  I'd love to see some of your color selections for making my bracelets and if you'll send me pictures, I'll try and post them.  The picture above was the original submitted picture to beadwork and if you look at the bracelets, you can see size 8o seed beads inbetween the druks which ultimatly didn't work.  The first one made was the all one color which is way too matchy matchy for me.

I just now got my website back on line.  I'm sad to say that I'm not the most computer saavy person alive and I frequently struggle to do things with my website though Pappashop has to be one of the easiest hosts around.  So bear with me while I flounder around some with my pictures and information.


The tuquoise bracelet above was the favorite of the Bead Work staff and it was one of my favorites too.  The purple bracelet below was made for a friend and I made a similar one whcih went to Bead Work, but I didn't like it as much.  I love the Czech bead druks that look like natural stone.  they are beautiful!!!

OK, Playing around with colors just for fun-

Indian Summer Red-White-Blue bracelet

I've always loved Patriotic bracelets!!!

Bronze-Blue Indian Summer bracelet

Bronze and blue bracelet.

Indian Summer Purple and cream bracelet

You can't tell it, but the outside duos are actually a cream picasso.  I used 10lb fireline on these last 3 bracelets.


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